The Wardrobe of the Successful

When we think of success, we generally think of people who have, in some way or another, worked their way to the top. Though this can be true for some, it’s also true that how you’re seen and who you network with has huge influence on your success, especially your movement from the

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve other people’s view of you, a great way to do that is to amp up your wardrobe. Though a wardrobe will never completely erase hard work and skill, it’s a great way to tell people you’re serious and trustworthy.


When we talk about wardrobe, though we definitely mean your work clothes, it also encompasses somewhat your casual wear. If your casual clothes look trashy and unkempt, you can lose a lot of potential contacts when you’re off work.

However, you should start with your work clothing. It does depend on what kind of job you have, but if you must dress full business or business casual you’ll want to start here. Thought it may seem unfair it has been proven that people generally gravitate towards people they find attractive or well kept, regardless of romantic ideology. When you’re looking for business suits, you will have much more luck with tailored suits or well fitting ones. Men quite often have an issue when buying suit jackets, making them look swallowed up in fabric. Pick something that contours to your body and if you’re buying online, check or get your measurements done.

Business casual and your everyday wardrobe should meet the same criteria, but full suits are not required. Opt for camel colored pants, sports jackets that fit well, and Sperry Top Sider shoes. This will give your everyday look a finished edge that potential contacts will notice when you’re networking on the fly.

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